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Ca sent bon chez nous




Old-fashioned traditions are an abiding passion at
La Fudgerie Boutique • Les Mignardises Doucinet,
so it will come as no surprise to customers to discover a fabulous new collection of homemade nougats on our shelves.

Inspired by this classic confectionary of honey, sugar, almonds, vanilla, and egg white, and working to the exacting standards of the master nougat makers of Montélimar, La Fudgerie has used premium quality ingredients to develop three unique and succulent varieties
of nougat.

Almond nougat:
With a minimum of 28% almonds, 2% pistachios,
and 25% honey, this nougat meets all the criteria
to qualify as “Montélimar nougat.”

Hazelnut nougat:
This pure delight traces its origins to traditional
Greek nougat.