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Its smooth and creamy texture caresses your taste buds.
The richness of its differing flavours,
each artfully blended, intensifies to the taste.
Your senses are excited in a wave of pleasure.
Finally, a few delicate flavours return to haunt your palate.

And as the last perfumes linger, the memory of this delicacy is immortalized in your mind.

Master fudge maker, Jacques Thivierge developed his art by returning to and perfecting the ancestral secrets and techniques of this English tradition. Curious and passionate, he is determined to produce and develop refined flavour combinations that set the most gourmand among us dreaming.

More than 80 original varieties of high quality fudge are created through the careful selection of ingredients from around the world and through the richness of the finest cocoa butters. With their quality and unmatched refinement comes the perfection of this artisan delicacy prepared with both creativity and science.

Stopping by at La Fudgerie Boutique • Les Mignardises Doucinet, you’ll have the pleasure of discovering the diversity of colours, packages and flavours that await you.