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Jacques Thivierge was born in Quebec City in 1964. Even at an early age, he’d never miss a chance to roll up his sleeves and help his mother out in the kitchen. His passion for gourmet pleasures and his growing creativity led him to study cuisine more seriously developing an innate talent, to please his biggest fans … his family.

He developed a reputation as a chef in Montreal before returning to establish himself in Quebec City where he pursued his career for 20 years. Savoir-faire, innovation, determination and commitment are among the main qualities of this trustworthy man.

In 1996, Jacques spent his spare time preparing Easter chocolates, to the great pleasure of his wife and sister-in-law, who had just opened a chocolate shop in Trait-Carré.

In 2002, La Fudgerie finally opens its doors. Chef by day and fudge maker by night, Jacques quickly discovers that there aren’t enough hours in the day to answer the demand of a growing clientele.

Finally in 2003, he hangs up his chef’s apron to devote himself entirely to the magnificent adventure that is La Fudgerie Boutique • Les Mignardises along with his wife Michelle.




Quebec City, 1952: Michelle Martin is born  under the sign of determination. As a young child, she clearly shows that she knows what she wants or rather what she doesn’t want.

Her maternal grandparents quickly note her taste for all things sweet. Each time she visits, they take her to a little neighbourhood shop to buy all kinds of candies and pastries. Every day becomes a celebration for this young epicurean.

In 1969, Michelle begins work as a telephone operator at Bell Canada, eventually becoming a supervisor in 1973. Her main responsibilities include managing the workforce, training personnel and providing customer service.

Her exceptional organizational skills and her entrepreneurial bent lead her to start her own business in 1995. For two years, she and her sister invest all their spare time in the little chocolate shop in Trait-Carré.

From 1997 to 2002, she works exclusively at Bell Canada. Then, after 32 years of loyal service and several restructurings, her career takes a new, sweeter turn.

On November 9th, 2002, she opens La Fudgerie Boutique • Les Mignardises Doucinet.


Always eager to broaden their knowledge, Michelle and Jacques study at the Barry Callebaut Institute in St-Hyacinthe in 2002 and 2003.Their goal is to improve their techniques of tempering, of crystallization and chocolate coating. In 2004, they complete their training at the Callebaut Institute in Lebbeke/Wieze, Belgium, along with some of the best chocolate makers from around the world.

Constantly looking for new ideas, they discover the latest international trends in the world of chocolate and confectionary and the latest equipment and primary materials through their extensive travels.

They regularly attend a variety of food shows:

  • ISM: Cologne, Germany in 2004
  • SIAL: Montreal in 2005
  • NASFT: San Francisco, California in 2005
  • Philadelphia National Candy: Atlantic City,
    New Jersey in 2006
  • Intersuc: Paris, France in 2006
  • SIGEP: Rimini, Italy in 2007
  • Salon of chocolate artisans: Florence, Italy
  • Cambrai chocolate factory in France
  • SET: Montreal in 2008
  • Europain & Intersuc: Paris, France in 2008
  • Montelimar Nougat factory
  • Confiserie Florian at Pont-du-Loup and Nice

With their respective passions and skills…

Who knows where Michelle and Jacques’ need to innovate, their passion for work, their heightened sense of accomplishment and their devotion and respect for the people who surround them will lead the pair?