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The moment you walk across the threshold, the soul of the Jacques Bédard-Élisabeth Doucinet house can be felt. Welcoming and comforting, she invites you, as would a grandmother, to linger. After just a few minutes and several treats, it’s already difficult to leave. Fortunately, she is always there, patiently awaiting your next visit.

Over time, the different inhabitants of this house helped to fashion the unique soul and personality that still live within this jewel of Old Charlesbourg. The latest owners add another chapter to its history by creating La Fudgerie boutique • Les Mignardises Doucinet, named in honour of Mrs. Doucinet, who arrived in the country in 1666 with a contingent of “the King’s Daughters”.

Ma vieille maison

"Perched atop a hill, with a countenance unbowed,
Appearing nonchalant, she faces the years,
Through all the eras.
If you watch her, she poses!
Although timeworn, she is robust.
I come here to rest.
To taste the hardships that my heart misses,
And live in the manner of the people of the earth
Who dwelt here yesterday.
For each and everyone,
She is not very much.
Yet, I am happy here.
And I’d like to grow old,
And end my days,
In her wooden walls
Where I felt through her past,
Such security.
I discovered my soul!
In search of an identity,
My God! I felt myself
Becoming a Quebecker.*

 *Author unknown