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Nos references coulent de bonnes sources
  • The ancestral homes, from the Charlesbourgeois Vol 7 no 1, J-F-M 1990
  • Old Charlesbourg, in Continuité no 54 summer 1992
    by Johanne Lachance
  • Charlesbourg, by Cécile Villeneuve
  • Charlesbourg from yesterday to today, Continuité
  • City of Charlesbourg web site
  • From the French colony to the XXth century,
    The Quebec house by Yves Laframboise
  • Charlesbourg, Monument inventory, volume 1, Quebec,
    Ministry of Cultural Affairs, historic monuments, 1969
  • Seignorial censuses
  • Historic titles 1850-1999, by Notary Déry
  • Line of titles, since the land was first ceded,
    by the Charlesbourg Historical Society
  • Notaries’ Registry, from the microfilms of the National Archives
  • Rescripts of the manuscripts 1711 and 1751,
    by Sylvie Tremblay, master genealogy